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Bridge to the 21st Century The Clinton and Bush II years New weapons inspection teams were unable to find the expected stockpiles of chemical  and biological weaponry. It became clear that Iraq had never restarted the nuclear  program it had been pursuing before the first Gulf War. After his apprehension, Saddam  Hussein admitted that he had engaged in a gigantic bluff to forestall attack from abroad  or insurrection at home. In the year and a quarter after the fall of Baghdad, the United States and the United  Kingdom, with increasing cooperation from the United Nations, moved ahead with  establishment of a provisional government that would assume sovereignty over Iraq.  The effort occurred amid increasing violence that included attacks not only on allied  troops, but also on Iraqis connected in any way with the new government. Most of the  insurgents appeared to be Saddam loyalists; some were indigenous Muslim sectarians; 
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Unformatted text preview: others were foreign fighters. 2004 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION AND GEORGE W. BUSH’S SECOND TERM By mid-2004, with the United States facing a violent insurgency in Iraq, considerable foreign opposition to the war there, and increasingly sharp divisions about the conflict at home, the country faced another presidential election. The Democrats nominated Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, a decorated Vietnam veteran in his fourth Senate term. Kerry’s dignified demeanor and speaking skills made him a formidable candidate. A reliable liberal on domestic issues, he was a critic of the Iraq war. Bush, renominated without opposition by the Republicans, portrayed himself as frank and consistent in speech and deed, a man of action willing to take all necessary steps to protect the United States....
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