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Bridge to the 21st Century The Clinton and Bush II years After initial hesitation, the Bush administration also decided to support the establishment  of a gigantic new Department of Homeland Security. Authorized in November 2002 and  designed to coordinate the fight against domestic terrorist attack, the new department  consolidated 22 federal agencies. The administration, like its predecessor, had been unprepared for the unimaginable.  However, it retaliated quickly. Determining that the attack had been an al-Qaida  operation, it launched a military offensive against Osama bin Laden and the  fundamentalist Muslim Taliban government of Afghanistan that had provided him refuge.  The United States secured the passive cooperation of the Russian Federation, 
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Unformatted text preview: established relationships with the former Soviet republics that bordered Afghanistan, and, above all, resumed a long-neglected alliance with Pakistan, which provided political support and access to air bases. Utilizing U.S. Army Special Forces and Central Intelligence Agency paramilitary operatives, the administration allied with long-marginalized Afghan rebels. Given effective air support the coalition ousted the Taliban government in two months. Bin Laden, Taliban leaders, and many of their fighters, however, escaped into remote, semi-autonomous areas of Northeastern Pakistan. From there they would try to regroup and attack the new Afghan government....
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