The New Conservatism and a New World Ord13

The New - and abuse" Reagan accelerated the program of deregulation begun by Jimmy Carter He sought to abolish many regulations affecting the

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The New Conservatism and a New World Order The Reagan Years President Reagan's unflagging optimism and his ability to celebrate the achievements  and aspirations of the American people persisted throughout his two terms in office. He  was a figure of reassurance and stability for many Americans. Wholly at ease before the  microphone and the television camera, Reagan was called the "Great Communicator." Taking a phrase from the 17 th -century Puritan leader John Winthrop, he told the nation  that the United States was a “shining city on a hill,” invested with a God-given mission to  defend the world against the spread of Communist totalitarianism. Reagan believed that government intruded too deeply into American life. He wanted to  cut programs he contended the country did not need, and to eliminate "waste, fraud, 
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Unformatted text preview: and abuse." Reagan accelerated the program of deregulation begun by Jimmy Carter. He sought to abolish many regulations affecting the consumer, the workplace, and the environment. These, he argued, were inefficient, expensive, and detrimental to economic growth. Reagan also reflected the belief held by many conservatives that the law should be strictly applied against violators. Shortly after becoming president, he faced a nationwide strike by U.S. air transportation controllers. Although the job action was forbidden by law, such strikes had been widely tolerated in the past. When the air controllers refused to return to work, he ordered them all fired. Over the next few years the system was rebuilt with new hires....
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