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The New Conservatism and a New World Orde6 - Watergate...

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The New Conservatism and a New World Order The Reagan Years In late 1986 Americans learned that the administration had secretly sold arms to Iran in  an attempt to resume diplomatic relations with the hostile Islamic government and win  freedom for American hostages held in Lebanon by radical organizations that Iran  controlled.  Investigation also revealed that funds from the arms sales had been diverted  to the Nicaraguan contras during a period when Congress had prohibited such military  aid. The ensuing Iran-contra hearings before a joint HouseSenate committee examined  issues of possible illegality as well as the broader question of defining American foreign  policy interests in the Middle East and Central America. In a larger sense, the hearings  were a constitutional debate about government secrecy and presidential versus  congressional authority in the conduct of foreign relations.  Unlike the celebrated Senate 
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Unformatted text preview: Watergate hearings 14 years earlier, they found no grounds for impeaching the president and could reach no definitive conclusion about these perennial issues. U.S.-SOVIET RELATIONS In relations with the Soviet Union, President Reagan's declared policy was one of peace through strength. He was determined to stand firm against the country he would in 1983 call an "evil empire." Two early events increased U.S.-Soviet tensions: the suppression of the Solidarity labor movement in Poland in December 1981, and the destruction with 269 fatalities of an off-course civilian airliner, Korean Airlines Flight 007, by a Soviet jet fighter on September 1, 1983. The United States also condemned the continuing Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and continued aid begun by the Carter administration to the mujahedeen resistance there....
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