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Postwar Americ7 - PostwarAmerica U.S. , agendaforaction.,...

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Postwar America U.S.    dominates global affairs While dealing with immediately pressing issues, Truman also provided a broader  agenda for action. Less than a week after the war ended, he presented Congress with a  21-point program, which provided for protection against unfair employment practices, a  higher minimum wage, greater unemployment compensation, and housing assistance.  In the next several months, he added proposals for health insurance and atomic energy  legislation. But this scattershot approach often left Truman's priorities unclear. Republicans were quick to attack. In the 1946 congressional elections they asked, "Had  enough?" and voters responded that they had. Republicans, with majorities in both  houses of Congress for the first time since 1928, were determined to reverse the liberal  direction of the Roosevelt years.
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  • Fall '10
  • higher minimum wage, immediately pressing issues, unfair employment practices, greater unemployment compensation

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