The New Deal and World War 17

The New Deal and World War 17 - Although the AAA had been...

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The New Deal and World War II Roosevelt’s leadership through economic reconstruction, war By 1940, 2.5 million people had moved out of the Plains states, the largest migration in  American history. Of those, 200,000 moved to California. The migrants were not only  farmers, but also professionals, retailers, and others whose livelihoods were connected  to the health of the farm communities. Many ended up competing for seasonal jobs  picking crops at extremely low wages. The government provided aid in the form of the Soil Conservation Service, established  in 1935. Farm practices that damaged the soil had intensified the impact of the drought.  The service taught farmers measures to reduce erosion. In addition, almost 30,000  kilometers of trees were planted to break the force of winds.
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Unformatted text preview: Although the AAA had been mostly successful, it was abandoned in 1936, when its tax on food processors was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Congress quickly passed a farm-relief act, which authorized the government to make payments to farmers who took land out of production for the purpose of soil conservation. In 1938, with a pro-New Deal majority on the Supreme Court, Congress reinstated the AAA. By 1940 nearly six million farmers were receiving federal subsidies. New Deal programs also provided loans on surplus crops, insurance for wheat, and a system of planned storage to ensure a stable food supply. Economic stability for the farmer was substantially achieved, albeit at great expense and with extraordinary government oversight....
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