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The New Deal and World War 13

The New Deal and World War 13 - urban ethnic groups African...

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The New Deal and World War II Roosevelt’s leadership through economic reconstruction, war To these, Roosevelt added the National Labor Relations Act, the “Wealth Tax Act” that  increased taxes on the wealthy, the Public Utility Holding Company Act to break up large  electrical utility conglomerates, and a Banking Act that greatly expanded the power of  the Federal Reserve Board over the large private banks. Also notable was the  establishment of the Rural Electrification Administration, which extended electricity into  farming areas throughout the country. A NEW COALITION In the 1936 election, Roosevelt won a decisive victory over his Republican opponent, Alf  Landon of Kansas. He was personally popular, and the economy seemed near recovery.  He took 60 percent of the vote and carried all but two states. A broad new coalition  aligned with the Democratic Party emerged, consisting of labor, most farmers, most 
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Unformatted text preview: urban ethnic groups, African Americans, and the traditionally Democratic South. The Republican Party received the support of business as well as middle-class members of small towns and suburbs. This political alliance, with some variation and shifting, remained intact for several decades. Roosevelt’s second term was a time of consolidation. The president made two serious political missteps: an ill-advised, unsuccessful attempt to enlarge the Supreme Court and a failed effort to “purge” increasingly recalcitrant Southern conservatives from the Democratic Party. When he cut high government spending, moreover, the economy collapsed. These events led to the rise of a conservative coalition in Congress that was unreceptive to new initiatives....
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