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The New Deal and World War I5

The New Deal and World War I5 - rallied in the following...

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The New Deal and World War II Roosevelt’s leadership through economic reconstruction, war U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower was appointed Supreme Commander of Allied  Forces in Europe. After immense preparations, on June 6, 1944, a U.S., British, and  Canadian invasion army, protected by a greatly superior air force, landed on five  beaches in Normandy. With the beachheads established after heavy fighting, more  troops poured in, and pushed the Germans back in one bloody engagement after  another. On August 25 Paris was liberated. The Allied offensive stalled that fall, then suffered a setback in eastern Belgium during  the winter, but in March, the Americans and British were across the Rhine and the  Russians advancing irresistibly from the East. On May 7, Germany surrendered  unconditionally. THE WAR IN THE PACIFIC U.S. troops were forced to surrender in the Philippines in early 1942, but the Americans 
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Unformatted text preview: rallied in the following months. General James “Jimmy” Doolittle led U.S. Army bombers on a raid over Tokyo in April; it had little actual military significance, but gave Americans an immense psychological boost. In May, at the Battle of the Coral Sea – the first naval engagement in history in which all the fighting was done by carrier-based planes – a Japanese naval invasion fleet sent to strike at southern New Guinea and Australia was turned back by a U.S. task force in a close battle. A few weeks later, the naval Battle of Midway in the central Pacific resulted in the first major defeat of the Japanese Navy, which lost four aircraft carriers. Ending the Japanese advance across the central Pacific, Midway was the turning point....
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