War - from a reluctant Congress an agency to underwrite...

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War, Prosperity, and Depression U.S. triumphs in World War I, suffers through downturn The presidential campaign of 1932 was chiefly a debate over the causes and possible  remedies of the Great Depression.  President Herbert Hoover, unlucky in entering the  White House only eight months before the stock market crash, had tried harder than any  other president before him to deal with economic hard times.  He had attempted to  organize business, had sped up public works schedules, established the Reconstruction  Finance Corporation to support businesses and financial institutions, and had secured 
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Unformatted text preview: from a reluctant Congress an agency to underwrite home mortgages. Nonetheless, his efforts had little impact, and he was a picture of defeat. His Democratic opponent, Franklin D. Roosevelt, already popular as the governor of New York during the developing crisis, radiated infectious optimism. Prepared to use the federal government's authority for even bolder experimental remedies, he scored a smashing victory – receiving 22,800,000 popular votes to Hoover's 15,700,000. The United States was about to enter a new era of economic and political change....
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