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Disability History and Media

Disability History and Media - Createsbinaries...

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Disability History and Media 12:08 Dealing with Difference Reduce Ambiguity By Assigning into Absolute Categories Makes something complex simple Creates binaries Masculinity (sexual orientation) IQ testing Anything that requires category and certain criteria  Creates system on whether you’re in or not Elimination Eugenics and Genocide  Mass execution of people with disabilities  Social Darwinism  Forced sterilization Cannot have children Women also tricked into having it done Buck v. Bell Carrie Buck institutionalized – presumed that she was extremely disabled Want to sterilize her against her will  1927 women today even forced to take birth control  Avoid Anomalous Things  Isolation and banishment Relieve productive citizens of “burden of idiocy” (Trent) Rise of professions and institutions Blatt- Christmas in Purgatory
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Segregated Classrooms Label it Dangerous
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  • Fall '11
  • ChristineAshby
  • Carrie Buck, Buck v. Bell, Relieve productive citizens, child advocacy movement, Defence Fun report

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