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Observational Research - 12:04 Observing...

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Observational Research 12:04 Basic Qualities of Qualitative Research Observing Participant observation Naturalistic inquiry I.e.: college students dorm life   go to actual dorm Go to where experience/thing you’re studying is happening naturally  Unobtrusive inquiry  Basic Qualities Natural settings as a source for data Going where things would be happening- even if you were not there Not creating an experimental situation Note taking Audiotaping Video Qualitative research is descriptive Involves systematically collected observational/interview data Anecdotal, but systematic and over a period of time Takes nothing for granted “nitpicking” try to be unobtrusive  Qualitative researchers are concerned with process rather than simply with outcomes or  products How do people develop meaning? How do things become “common sense”?
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Analyze data inductively, NOT deductively Bring things together Look at pieces of data and look at what they have in common Particular   abstract Practice “grounded theory”
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Observational Research - 12:04 Observing...

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