Edu 203 Introductory Lesson Plan

Edu 203 Introductory Lesson Plan - objectives(group work...

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Lesson Objectives (What does the group want students to know, understand, and be able to do?): 1. 2. 3. Method(s) of Assessment (The way the group is going to measure student learning): Please staple any assessment the group developed to the back of the lesson plan (if applicable). 1. 2. Explanation of the lesson. Briefly and succinctly describe the actions of the teachers that will assist the class in understanding the lesson objectives. Describe the ways the students will engage with the material and interact with the teachers in order for them to understand the lesson
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Unformatted text preview: objectives (group work, PowerPoint, think-pair-share, whole group, . . .). Reflection: Answer the questions on the practice teaching assignment. In general, teachers ask; In what ways was the lesson effective? In what ways was the lesson ineffective? How are you going to improve your teaching and collaboration with other members of your instructional team for the next lesson? Lesson Plan Title: Group Member Names:...
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