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HTW 318 syllabus - HTW 318 Dynamics of Addiction Alcohol...

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HTW 318 Dynamics of Addiction: Alcohol, Other Drugs, Sex and Gambling Meets: Mondays 7 – 9:45 PM Place: Room 001 Life Sciences Building Professor: Dr. Dessa Bergen-Cico [email protected] 315-443-0250 (office) Office Hours Thursday 2 – 4 PM or by appointment Room 306, 426 Ostrom Ave. Required Text: Inaba, D. and Cohen, W.E. (2011) Uppers Downers All Arounders , 7 th Edition CNS Productions Medford, Oregon http://www.cnsproductions.com/ . You must purchase Uppers, Downers, All Arounders textbook in order to have access to the exam review CD-ROM resources for the course. Required Classroom Technology – Turning Technologies Response Card This is used to calculate your attendance and participation portion that is 33% of your grade. Each student must have a Response Card RF Keypad (Classroom Clicker) from Turning Technologies. You may use either the Response Card RF or RF LCD. They are available at the SU Bookstore, online at Turning Technologies https://store.turningtechnologies.com/ and through Amazon.com. You are responsible for registering your clicker on Blackboard. Failure to register your clicker on Blackboard, and forgetting to bring it to class will result in your loss of credit for the weeks it is not registered and the weeks you fail to bring it to class. Supportive Materials: Podcasts from CNS Productions which compliment the book and reflect current events can be downloaded for free on iTunes. Chapter supplementary videos may be accessed online at http://www.cnsproductions.com/VS/ Fall 2011 login information: The username is: dicktracy The password is: wristradio Course Overview: This course explores the biological, psychological, and social factors of substance use and related addictions that exist across cultures and species – from college students to the animal kingdom. This course uses advanced interdisciplinary concepts of substance abuse gambling, and sexual addiction. This is an interdisciplinary course for students in all fields of study. At the conclusion of this course students will have a working knowledge of the major categories for substances of abuse and common behavioral addictions. Students will learn the basic epidemiology, pathophysiology, and the role of sociology and psychology in prevention and treatment of all forms of addiction. Course Structure: Each class will consist of lecture, viewing of supporting media presentations, and interactive “all class member” response and discussion to explore varying points of view and ask questions. During this time students will be expected to provide input drawing from assigned readings and to contribute to the focus of the upcoming class sessions. Some class sessions will deviate from this format with guest speakers, field study, student presentations etc. Course Objectives: Have a working knowledge of the main categories of psychoactive drugs, stimulants, depressants, and all arounders.
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Understand a variety of models and theories of addiction and other problems related to substance use.
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