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NAME / Section #: Exam lll Problem #4 Phys270 I 4. ll5 ptsl A thin solid barrier occupying the entire xy-plane has a single 5-pr-- diameter circular hole. An electron traveling in the +z-direction (ovrttr v* :0 m/s and v, :0 m/s) passes through the hole. Afterward, within what range is v* likely to beP $.ssume all velocities are small enough to be considered non-relativistically. (J {l,il s,Ak a]--r?,*t ; lj *' Ura{,ftiq"'t *''"** ll * Uhr-y $*lx lhil x p"t;|,ofr
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Unformatted text preview: t+ # A \z r trv ar-,l aaaowrz{- 4X ^/ Sf* I I- I t \ ' P 4\p N *- F [ ' ax *!* * b 6'6fl$x# -'J', ["ut*o {'f* ^,n rF^ erfj.* h, % d,**-*,{-ffi ) , &* '#*** F' 6.625*,r,-31 l"ln, es$ €*, &'i' Ft"*fb '{"fi' $ *,J6*r : }^v w.c-aV* r.r I I l.', ir&#@!v *Fq ax fxr4/rj*eui t',,*,o-31 x $ *,i 6 . . r E l lLt 5 *ls , C t , d V , /hA -," tsT'/ery e-J I thit b hlu &*u -uX&#'A' {-*fi 4 z I "n e)c ' €" ' 'o]'* "' of'a 'n; *J; fl 'e*;l*" ''o^< ^A *'*t...
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