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NAME: Quiz #1a: Phys270 l. [l0 ptsl Finrl thc nq4rctic licl(l at thc ccu(cr ol thc scmicirclc using rhc l]i<l-Savart law in tcnrx ol thc ndius R altl currcnt I givcn thc rlircction r>l Lhc currcnt is shown bck>w. M;*.c surc to dmw thc dircction ol thc nuguctic licl<l on thc dirw-.ul irt tlrc ccutcr ol thc scmicirclc. A3 1J;; q .r c(flg 4S & r- ane- "fL tl
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Unformatted text preview: V; cuts lrol'*h aJ *i a5 I 6r^.to'.o1.rir'r) to3nt.{ r-r ht u' 9a.^ ct &lt;),-{ z'Ar,(;; t^-f':t, 3.;'-*t) ' h A uo uii- &lt;'o&quot;l' t J;6 s ' 9J&quot;: Lc! s b'e&quot;- llc w;rq a&quot;li w'-''/' Pdil6 a&quot;.d' t4i,&quot;&quot;' po&quot;lt,J-I+-&quot;L ds-ov+ ; {-&quot; i-s * i PoiT'l: r*o &amp;a fLo^t&quot; f1&quot;. .,, Or*L @,c. ffi. sAs,@ .t:l ne, @ ( { 1r Rt ia- 't' ..' SLA.L.^ttr 4 u. r.**.1&quot;.t )...
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