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quiz1b - 1 A wire is attached to two springs with a...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. A wire is attached to two springs with a combined spring constant k. The wire is partially located in a uniform magnetic field Bo directed out of the page over a length L. A current I is applied to the wire which causes the wire to ‘ deflect by a distance x. a. [2 pts] What is the direction of the magnetic field at point P produced by the current in the wire? Draw it on the diagram. b. [2 pts] What direction does the wire deflect? Draw it in the diagram. c. [6 pts] What is the magnitude of the deflection x in terms of B0, k, I, and LP ' B O (Q) pomhmg “line “lixcwnb 03, ad) Mai/ill I 7%: 61M ’5 amt- 50 (34.11ch A71 COWLU/é Ont/Cl“ ng/l‘tm . WC’S PW fig) 6 U?) E: I? Xi; . Again by "M’gKfv—kmfl xmte} E" 15% ago We 12/1 G) The tibia/Q Shawn/L3 CmW’iNKl f”) ”K9 J (ELM/x lmcU/iw Aim bHced' both $‘W For :Hwe ClieJd/ledtepg Lave, fine 40ch ch ‘ in v “AA ~€m 7/0, and. '90 an Guy/«(flac— a’t'eld $Pmma, Wufls’l' box MLL g, 990521: K76 éx: 90111. K ...
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