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6ouuT.l o l. A t<>r'i<l is;r r''il <rf wire lvra14rc<l anruurl 'rl,ugl*rut-shaJ>erl rilui (a t.rus) rn;ule of nonconcluctirry rnaterial. a' [t] lltsl ITse Anrtrlere's law to derive an exl)ressiou oJ the nragnetic lield strength at a <listance r fionr the axis of the toroid (within the coil rvin<ling;) r'r'ith a curt'ettt I through N closely space<l.tur1s. Make sur.e you <lrarv your Arnlrcrian I<><>p.on the <liagr:un. b. 12 ptsl Is the rnagretic fiel<l you firun<l in part (a) unifirnni) llxplain. Nhrrns. 443 "* Nturns - t4'o.'-d' \ -
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Unformatted text preview: dhta'tJ vd A' J 6Lru*t h" t d\ i" 'nl" t^ ^'{u"nn Au,r 5um'rr o,n k vn siL tf-L 6vtiA A) f."- l$e. +ap or$d ct' ' Lat' I't^lt.l-t ,J e,r,rt'ta,.F ev.alasrd A$ h btt io $J. r9r^c'r tn*'t3 a'r,|r 4 tf^" b+.&\o^t' t ... AsruiS I'L +r(-r i F - N ! ]nt,h torc AJ,tur/t't'. wl'\ Slwteltj $+$ B i' u-'f'* er a.l'w rf a^t[ l'n t ^ clorJat'rrirc ir\ar't-tfu" 4 u,r, "r( *t) .l ) se{i-r ? -"tl," ,'T , (1. c-l* I I '|. )s\Y :. 60:s W *1^1*r'r'r'Prrt' 2$r ob'.rr^0'ro. cloekurrr- clrler'b'rn^ \r uu lo"r' ,r"l st ,l^*"o /i1fuu +vc dAqblh 5t Ul-tvta^t ' D...
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