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quiz1dsoln - Ftt" B.Sofe\s dJ4vt"r ov" I I t...

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$ot-v.r I o N NAME: Quiz #1d: Phys270 0102- 1. Il0 psl A circular loop carrying current I with radius R is depicted below. a. [2 ptslDraw the direction of the B{ield at the center of the loop on the diagram below. b. [8 ptsl Using the Biot:Savart law, derive an expression for the magnetic A -7.Y &. wli.y, I'^0tJ- 'b',J \ct.. "A)t*'t^ 'thc *'a n 9, .L tr'*.rral t'r,rgiol,"" l0'-
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Unformatted text preview: Ftt" B .Sofe \s dJ4vt"r ov"'-- I I t 1i afrtl tt"^ * av',.: ' b. *t3 vlc, d{'*^' At ' i Ua 6h,.u.'^ t^^ ttr-? dB= 6nli' i( t d[m R,*",-* ^*l d'i' , iin? ? e4tu U^r tt'-" \ th'1'1" \il ? K &' oLL t''o o'tuht- > A 0\il r bL d 2 , ^ o A 9r Kt A arF 0A \dt* lr- \ A )rrR*' '*t Al-7, I F-l ,_-._--t a?;WY r? aEcl. .,hrt /[f h a Bo"* = \.u'r 116_ l-u',^* -- Y"...
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