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Quiz #1: Phys270 1' 110 ptsl A particfe with charge q and mass m is moving in a circular path perpendicufar to a conltarit mag;;ti; fiero. The particre takes a time T to comprete on" r"uorution. o6termine the magnitude of the magnetic fiefd in terms of q, m, and T. Xx ,^, * -7[e Po'tcle 'r{ "k^ ( . ) l,t cn "-b** sp'*l v \--/ A,.o,t x v
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Unformatted text preview: * oUcA / "vraa^raa1 a. no';lirrvt ,rl )l |e*nl Q,^r* o'^& ',.1? I*tU $ . sf, "ttl*"f*, = 'rl,yrvte);c1 '6*"' U 1v E Qr& sil- q v I YI / 2trt -':^ \o<'b , , ^ l *rcq. i -lrT 8,,+ u/* c{/ 'l/+ = fl<^ace ' s ln,"-l. b," be* b *'T-* k"el lvr r CenL; Fr'E"l'-rn r/ z z... (YY1, I u A) --18, d;";^) ;9 .'.eLu"hJ- b kn*1 u*/T ' ?n/r=1B...
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