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NAME: Quiz #2c. Phys270 1. A s(luare l<n1l with si<les of length "a" is llent at a right angle, anrl a uniti>rrn rnagnetic fiekl is applie<l in the geomeffy depicte<l in the lrclow <liagram. a. 15 ptsl What is the magnetic llux through the loop!) Loj,s C0y19,Jun W do^"rw*,J- 414r"-J tF:/'{4b.'€orf,. a, k q*r;58-t Nq, 58o "A-J' 1Ar,,* '',kfw*tl "t*-^L /be'/ l'L€' bw'r R'r'L ' F; "-'Pf e' €"r1 B'A ;:p .,fr "';r tlo*.' t*"t. lf*,.-. ,^ rhJ, hre 4,oa
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Unformatted text preview: 6 v' lil'fli:S:T,r'J:1jlln:'.',11*,;$:ril'Jt,T | ^ r a current on the diagram and explain your reasoning. Ar.*J^^q t Le,.t's l^^' t&quot;&amp;*8 ,.J S&quot;f g ' No7tZ dfP&quot;t^ c'?'o'^P-'wz ^*, k Potvg 'a o{,^r&amp;t &quot;'t*'&quot;{ SurA o- *? +t'*&quot;t il- te';n F ',a Ua /,,&quot;;,;*l tU ^.*,) ),ff ;aJ^*n'j- ''r*&quot;'e'f{ +&quot;ne wty '&amp; i'n W Sute J^'''*d'; oA W owog'a'^{'(i +a&quot;;'ne'&quot;i +&amp; A' T^e d&quot;ned,#' 'f ;al*'c:'d o&quot;r-.un q.l ,y lr^; a'k;'&quot;-&quot;'e '9 (3* 4*^t hu'h' '...
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