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o9 lt6log NAME: Solrt"on Quiz #2d. Phys270 1. [10 pts] A solenoid has N turns, a radius Rsol, z total length L, and a current Isot. The solenoid depicted below is a crosi sectional view. a. [l ptl Draw the direction of the magnetic field inside the solenoid. b. [ 5 ptsl What is the magnetic flux produced by the solenoid on a concentric circular loop of radius "a"P 5inco *h" tnaqnejlc Nda tlne so le6-'& E Tayot *he 'no* Ta-, br* TR*? Atso, the trurvrbtr o+ 4urnt le^2*A ,% Y/u
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Unformatted text preview: in the loopP Explain you reasoning. t'*-r"rli*" Lrt fu<A # ot:lu'rns p'ev ul. lnrl+A \ R.HR, fu , T,' rnu** be lr+Y , oY ,, it rnu'5t be in )4'* ) )61Yl^:ise as 9<-<*t +D*1 )&4* o**Er'do o O\Ye.A I S , o I ?LrL untT tuAuu-J. o*.4 *o iAI,* eee*t $151.rt as Ts* te) G) Frovn RHR, fI^e. E mun| F ^+ fu 'o^#-Sivru \ndecreatttn -, fu ilr+ d.t.l--stt--il)eb ' ^o C,trtranL I; "ft\',^t'+ 1-9 +0 'noiltt{-r@ *t-ho^,r rnuq$ be d.rvec,*eA )'wh dt -to Xive 6 c) o dtt r>tse a$ Same 9etnse *1^t ry Bi...
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