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NAME: Quiz #3b: Phys270 1. [10 ptsl Laboratory scientists have created the electric ancl magnetic fields shown below. 'I'hese fields are also seen by scientists that zoom past in a rocket traveling in the +xdirection at a speed <lf 1.0 x 106 rn/s. Note that e3.0 x 108 m/s, a'd ea 450 = 9in 46' - 5 a. [5 ptsl Accorcling to the rocket scientists, what is the magnetic fiekl expresse<l as a vector in x, y, and z components'p f / ,i'l ^tt. flu",. . ,{,5 S4r li "fFt G.,l,ir.*n't,^n'of,,,.^.1,,,,f {"f' 1,,^."in c^^^rrt c/^^,,q h ^rf"^, t'. -r3, : -h L.g ,r-r o-{ ::3 f ' :;y-1t''r",'Zt ; ,*.i
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