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Solution Quiz 3 NAME: __________________________________________ Quiz #3c: Phys270 Section 0102 1. [10 pts] Show that the displacement current inside a parallel-plate capacitor can be written as: where C is the capacitance and Vc is the voltage across the capacitor. Solution: We can use one of the Maxwells equation: and rewrite it as Disp s I I dl B 0 0 . We might say that the magnetic field B at some point outside the capacitor originates due to the effect of a real current s I and a displacement current Disp I . Then we have   t V C t V D A t A D V t A E t I C C C S E Disp
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Unformatted text preview: , . Where we have used the formula for capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor of plate separation D and plate area A (which is constant over time), D A C And the relation ship between electrostatic field and electrostatic potential, D V x V E C x x where x is the direction normal to the plates and the potential gradient is uniform between the plates and we have neglected the negative sign since we are dealing with magnitudes only....
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