Choice Theory Reality Therapy Chapter

Choice Theory Reality Therapy Chapter - Chapter 9 CHOICE...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 CHOICE THEORY AND REALITY THERAPY The seeds of almost all unhappiness are planted early in our lives when we begin to encounter people who have discovered not only what is right for thembut also, unfortunately, what is right for us. William Glasser, Choice Theory (1998, p.4) C H A PTER O U TL IN E : C H O IC E T H EO RY AN D R EA L ITY T H ERA PY Biographical Information: William Glasser Historical Context Theoretical Principles o The five basic human needs o Your quality world o Total behavior o Choice theory and psychopathology o Choice theory in a nutshell The Practice of Reality Therapy o Assessment issues and procedures o Building the relationship o Reality therapy and confrontation o Helping clients develop effective plans o Reality therapy in action: Brief vignettes Case Analysis and Treatment Planning o The problem list o Problem formulation o Interventions o Outcomes measurement Cultural and Gender Considerations Evidence-Based Status Concluding Comments Chapter Summary Choice Theory Key Terms Reality therapy was officially birthed when Reality Therapy: A New Approach to Psychiatry (W. Glasser, 1965) was published. As is true of many therapeutic approaches, reality therapy was initially the product of a one person, William Glasser. Glasser speaks of the inspiration he got from mentors and colleagues, and the guidance his students and patients offered. He also expresses gratitude for the support he receives from his wife, Carleen H. Glasser. Although William Glasser remains a revered figure in the dissemination and application of reality therapy, other certified reality therapists now provide training in reality therapy (T. K. Burdenski et al., 2009; Robey, 2011; R. E. Wubbolding, 2000; R. E. Wubbolding, 2009; R. E. Wubbolding, 2011) Biographical Information: William Glasser William Glasser was born May 11, 1925, in Cleveland, Ohio. Perhaps because reality therapy explicitly focuses on the present (and not the past), theres not much written about Glassers childhood. However, in Choice theory , Glasser (1998) briefly described his parents: If the Olympics had an event in controlling, my mother could have gone for the gold medal. My father was totally choice theory. Never in the more than sixty years that I knew him did I ever see him try to control another person except when he was being goaded by my mother. And even then, his heart was not in it. (p. 90) Despite his parents incompatibility, Glasser indicated that they were always loving toward him (1998, p.89). As a young adult, Glasser initially became a chemical engineer, but he then changed his focus and began a Ph.D....
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Choice Theory Reality Therapy Chapter - Chapter 9 CHOICE...

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