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C\ \it} ti NAME: \ Quiz #3b: Phys270 Section 0104 3o Lvr\ or\) I . It0 1>tsl In a rl<>uble-slit experiment, the slit separation is 100 tirnes the waveletrgth o[ light, \\/hat is lhc :urgular separati<ln lleha,een the central
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Unformatted text preview: bright f)'inqei'} Note that fbr srnall angles, Sin(O) - 9.firr I << 1 . /:- $ot-t-ttvt" I N T F N ( I T V ON s(Re€|v T , d I = dfu*S I (<t 18' Au = d<vi.e =Ag AL"Ag =n . o . $ c L d tt"". ail1acr^r \oiSu S*su I 100...
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