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quiz5bsoln - anrl rrc>te that[he index of refiaction of...

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&ur=* 6- lrlAMti: l, 1101;tsl ,\ fish irr a flat-sirlerl acrluar-iurn sees ircr;ul ot'fish fb<>rl on [he cour-tter', -l-o thc lisil's r]1'e, tlrc c'iLrt kroks to lle 40 cm outsicle [he acluariurn. What is the actuitl rlistan<'c bcfu,ecrr the can ancl the acclu:rrium. Ignore the thin glass wall of the
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Unformatted text preview: anrl rrc>te that [he index of refiaction of l.vater is 4/3. Shor,v your worh. ob\"tts tvr age Q = J: I 1 ,s tt^an 5l = 4o wa hava +a^^ 9t tw" S, tWn g" {io"0x S= 4 6 z 4 (ao r^^") 3o gtt* . ? 4 Quiz #$b: Phys270 Section 0104 fi" Sw'a.U vul,cu. of 0 " (t-$t-- (rn" B t <dN .;t, s' : F\w --Y1 ^...
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