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NAME: Quiz #6a: Phys270 b. [4 ptsl Which lens should be used as the objectiveP Make sure to explain [10 ptsl You have been asked to build a telescope fiom a 5.0x magnifyi and a 30.0x magnifying lens. a. [3 psl lVhat is the maximum magnification you can achieve? M=T::. 1 + ) ' "r f li.:],:;* ) Y !: Ls"*1^ I / 1. ng lens *f,;.*l;fi rf {n; l{,, rMl= your reasorung f*,/, ,
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Unformatted text preview: **f lM\> 1 ,o ' t crg ohF* h2'*- o'^& ane welL <eF"'^&'L cmc s\r*tA e *? u"i 5'o * u-g a^ Ut c. tll ptsl Wrat will be the length of'your telcscope? 1l^*l f* '*l ? , fi*". , { ni ;t f "rt' q*"r' qq,e flt ^ce, aBr 'Tiq- Qr^,*' 8Y & * g^; t,,"[cnrf" ( wq. ta,. ll"at ue'l W . fai* Fu. . 5.0 .*" 0'B?.^. 5'S3c-' .rlh+) f.oi / , f /' .1 / . / / . /...
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