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€orurl osr 1. [10 ptsJ Suppose_that Vrk) and ry2(x) are both solutions ro the time_ il: ::::*:, i :i.:,H_j : ll;t;;F ;,|; j #. ;:::, ntia, e ne rgy u (x) prove that the superposirion v..,) : A v,k) ; u,,iffi# Jlil:i,y#.x,;l independent Schrodinger .ou"jr". Schriid,"Jn, Eual.{r,., ti r\*;r,*g,,*.- C*-" wdt ye.Ar,^*). ^12- # *, = - T" Lr-uo)l vb, G) Svic-t' (t,, tr) on"o[ \p"({ o,r-t r ftariit' g h e-. . +0,-* <all'e {, 4 V,s) = -ry--- fr - uc^tl e.cr,_l -- L,) rl "uL 'l\ Au tL /-x\ -Zyc T'g- r,e>l VJd Q; 4^ ,.f r,- [email protected] -T- IJ- 'tr)l't faX .r,.,. .ttr',p\ tXvana- q9 a(D -r,ulu (.ovtla,-i| I *,at Z rcr.lecLfcL'1 qroA adA '
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