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cee4324-5984-f11hw1 - The velocity is 0.9 m/s a What is the...

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Virginia Tech Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 4324/5984 – Open Channel Flow Homework #1: Due September 6, 2011 In all problems give your reasoning and show your work – not just a final answer. Make sure you answer all parts of all questions. Be careful of units and significant figures. Problem #1: You are given the depth upstream ( y 1 ) and downstream ( y 2 ) of a sluice gate. Using conservation of energy at the sluice gate, find an equation for the unit discharge, q , in terms of y 1 and y 2 . Problem #2: Given a rectangular channel 3.50 feet wide. The flow depth upstream of a sluice gate is 2.15 feet. Downstream of the sluice gate the depth is 1.25 feet. a. Find the unit discharge, q , and the discharge, Q . b. What specific energy, E , does the flow have? Problem #3: The flow depth upstream of a sluice gate is 0.60 meters.
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Unformatted text preview: The velocity is 0.9 m/s. a. What is the minimum allowable gate opening for the upstream flow to be possible as specified? b. If the gate opening is instantaneously set to 0.15 meters: i. What is the initial unit discharge, q , under the gate? ii. What is the final depth at the upstream side of the gate. Problem #4: Water is flowing at a velocity of 2.6 ft/s and a depth of 1.1 feet in a rectangular channel. a. The flow encounters a smooth upward step of 0.2 feet. i. What is the depth of flow on the step? ii. What is the absolute change in water level compared to the channel bottom before the step? iii. What are the Froude numbers upstream and at the step? b. Find the maximum allowable size of upward step for the upstream flow to be possible as specified....
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