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Virginia Tech Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 4324/5984 – Open Channel Flow Homework #2: Due September 15, 2011 In all problems give your reasoning and show your work – not just a final answer. Make sure you answer all parts of all questions. Be careful of units and significant figures. Problem #1: Water flows in a horizontal, rectangular channel initially 10.0 feet wide and 2.0 feet deep. The initial velocity is 6.0 ft/s. This flow encounters downstream a simultaneous downward step and constriction. No energy losses are associated with these changes in channel configuration. a. What is the specific discharge, q : i. Upstream (for w = 10.0 feet)? ii. Downstream (for w = 6.0 feet)? b. What specific energy, E , is associated with the flow as initially specified (at the upstream location)? c. What is the minimum energy needed to pass the full discharge at the downstream location? d.
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