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cee4324-5984-f11hw4 - downstream of a control(sluice gate...

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Virginia Tech Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 4324/5984 – Open Channel Flow Homework #4: Momentum and Hydraulic Jump Problems Due October 6, 2011 In all problems give your reasoning and show your work – not just a final answer. Make sure you answer all parts of all questions. Be careful of units and significant figures. Problem #1: Working in a rectangular channel. Set dM/dy = 0. Show that this leads to the same value of critical depth, y c , as we determined based on specific energy. Namely that y c = ( q 2 / g ) 1/3 and thus critical depth is the same from both the standpoint of energy and momentum. Problem #2: A hydraulic jump is formed in a 5.0 meter wide outlet at a short distance
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Unformatted text preview: downstream of a control (sluice) gate. If the flow depth upstream of the gate is 9.0 meters and the discharge is 150 m 3 /s, find: 1) the flow depth just downstream of the gate, 2) the flow depth downstream of the jump, 3) the thrust on the gate, and 4) the head losses in the jump. Problem #3: Given a q of 25 ft 2 /s and a sluice gage/jump configuration. What depth upstream of the sluice gate is necessary to dissipate 30% of the original (upstream of the sluice gate) energy? What are the Froude Numbers just upstream and downstream of the jump?...
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