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Virginia Tech Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 4324/5984 – Open Channel Flow Homework #7: Surface Water Profiles Due November 1, 2011 Problem 1: (3 points) A rectangular channel, 16.0 ft wide, carries a flow of 192 ft 3 /s. The depth of water on the downstream side of the hydraulic jump is 4.20 ft. (a) What is the depth upstream of the jump? (8 points) (b) What is the head loss associated with the jump? (7 points) (c) If a frictionless sluice gate imposes the depth upstream of jump, what is the momentum loss (per unit width) at the sluice gate? (10 points) Problem 2: (4 points) A hydraulic jump is observed in a trapezoidal cross-section with a bottom width of 10.0 feet and sideslopes of 2H:1V. The discharge is 114 ft 3 /s.
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Unformatted text preview: The velocity just upstream of the jump (location 1) is 9.50 ft/s. Downstream of the jump is location 2. Find the following (5 points each): (a) y 1 (b) y 2 (c) E 1 (d) E 2 (e) M 1 (f) M 2 . Be sure to indicate the units of all answers. If you use a figure, indicate what figure is used and all values read directly from that figure. Note: Momentum in a trapezoidal channel can be calculated with: b my y gA Q M trapezoid 3 2 6 2 2 Problem 3: (3 points) The discharge in a 10. foot wide rectangular channel is 100. ft 3 /s. The slope is 0.01 ft/ft. The flow is to encounter an upward step of height 0.50 feet. What range(s) of Manning’s roughness, n , are necessary so that the step does not represent a choke?...
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