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1 page Emergency Preparedness Document

1 page Emergency Preparedness Document - Emergency...

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Emergency Preparedness …It’ s Every Hokies Responsibility! H ave a plan. Sign up for VT ALERTS and familiarize yourself with each building you use on campus. Locate the building’s “In Case of Emergency” poster. Read it and know it! O rganize your thoughts. Locate at least two routes of escape from every building you use. Identify potential hazards which might impede your ability to exit in the event of an emergency. K eep informed. Frequently review emergency evacuation plans, routes, and the universi ty’s emergency preparedness WebPages to keep abreast of the latest safety information. I nform your instructor/supervisor. If you have a condition which might cause you to need assistance in exiting a building during an emergency, tell your instructor/supervisor . E ducate Others. Report any concerning or suspicious behavior you observe to appropriate university officials. Also, report any hazardous conditions you discover to the Virginia Tech Police or other appropriate university official or department.
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