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1 Virginia Tech Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 5734 Urban Hydrology and Stormwater Management Homework #5: Detention Basin Design using WinTR-20: Single and Two-Stage Outlet Structures Due: March 2, 2011 This homework the student will build on the exercises completed in Homework #4. The focus of this assignment is on detention basin design and calculating outlet structure specifications for a single, and two-stage outlet structure to control the 2-year and 2-and 5-year peak discharges, respectively. In all calculations students will demonstrate an appropriate understanding of significant figures. Tasks: Obtain the 2- and 5-year, 24-hour storm depths (based on annual maximum time series) at the BLACKSBURG 3 SE, VIRGINIA (44-0766) gage. Use these date in the problems below. System Definition: The watershed being studied in this analysis is shown below. The tables on the next page provides the sub-area and reach characteristics needed.
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2 Sub-area characteristics for study watershed
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