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1 Virginia Tech Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 5734 – Urban Hydrology and Stormwater Management Homework #7: Single-Event EPA SWMM Modeling for Detention Basin Design Solutions (solutions shown in yellow) This homework builds on the previous assignment using EPA SWMM in “single event” mode. The emphasis now turns to experimenting with tools for calibration and on detention basin design. Watershed System Definition: We are using the same 5 sub-area system examined in Homework Sets 4-7. Please refer to the earlier assignments for the characteristics of that system. Calculations: Sub-Area 2-year TR-20 Peak Discharge (ft 3 /s) Curve Number Width (ft) 2-year SWMM Peak Discharge (ft 3 /s) 1 (before) 60 72.6 323 same as TR-20 1 (after) 126 80.0 1785 same as TR-20 2 101 71.6 443 same as TR-20 3 39 74.7 365 same as TR-20 4 33 72.1 300 same as TR-20 5 61 71.3 300 same as TR-20 Overall (before) 243 N/A N/A 273 (294) Overall (after) 295 N/A N/A 326 (356) For the overall discharges shown – the first number is the number reported in the “Outfall Loading Summary” as the system’s maximum flow. The second number (in parentheses) is the number maximum value pulled from the table for the “system” object and the “runoff” variable. Either value is acceptable. 1.
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This note was uploaded on 12/24/2011 for the course CEE 5734 taught by Professor Moglen during the Spring '11 term at Virginia Tech.

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cee5734_hw8_2011_solutions - Virginia Tech Department of...

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