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1 Virginia Tech Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 5734 – Urban Hydrology and Stormwater Management Homework #10: Calibrating Streamflow in SWMM Solutions What to look for: 1. (2 points) The student should provide a table with parameters and their settings. Look for parameters listed in categories like “subcatchment”, “groundwater”, “aquifer”. Specific parameters that might be mentioned are width, percent imperviousness porosity, groundwater A1 and B1 values, upper evaporation fraction. 2. (3 points) Graphs should be provided that show iterations on the horizontal and values for the Nash-Sutcliffe( R 2 NS ), Gain Coefficient ( DG ), and Deviation Volume ( D v ). You should see an increasing trend in these graphs for Nash-Sutcliffe and Gain Coefficient. I calculated Nash-Sutcliffe and Dv values for each submission as shown in the table below: Student (names deleted) DV NS 0.0200 0.197 -0.1564 -2.381 0.4052 0.075 0.0200 0.212 -0.0814 0.155 0.0349 0.148 0.0303
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This note was uploaded on 12/24/2011 for the course CEE 5734 taught by Professor Moglen during the Spring '11 term at Virginia Tech.

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cee5734_hw10_2011_solutions_publishtoweb - Virginia Tech...

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