5024 Course Syllabus Math Prog for Ag Economists F2009

5024 Course Syllabus Math Prog for Ag Economists F2009 -...

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1 AAEC 5024 D. B. Taylor Fall 2009 August 24, 2009 Mathematical Programming for Agricultural Economists Course Syllabus Website: http://classnotes.aaec.vt.edu/aaec5024 A. Introduction This course will consist of a comprehensive mathematical (using both linear and matrix algebra but emphasizing linear algebra) graphical and verbal examination of mathematical programming theory and applications. The knowledge gained in this course will be applicable to problem situations in all areas of economics (development, resources, production, marketing, and so forth) as well as to all disciplines that are concerned with problems that can be tackled by mathematical programming techniques. You will need to devote a significant amount of study time to this course. I encourage you to develop study groups to routinely go over lectures and appropriate readings to be sure you understand the concepts presented in class and the readings. I feel that such mature study is the difference between a graduate student and an undergraduate. As a graduate student you must learn to recognize when you have not comprehended some material and be willing to do what is necessary to learn that material. At times that involves going to the instructor, but more often it must involve learning on your own or with your peers. That is what you will have to do once you leave graduate school and assume the role of a professional. I do not expect you to instantaneously grasp everything that is said in lectures. Rather think of the lecture more as an exposure to the material with the bulk of the learning occurring when you study the material later. B. Instructor: Daniel B. Taylor Office: 202 Hutcheson Phone: Office -- 231-5032 Home -- 382-7030 (Please use discretion when calling me at home, especially after 9:00 pm.) Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Open, but with the following request: Please do not disturb me 3 hours prior to classes. Secretary:
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5024 Course Syllabus Math Prog for Ag Economists F2009 -...

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