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5024 Term Project Fall 2009

5024 Term Project Fall 2009 - AAEC 5024 Fall 2009 D B...

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AAEC 5024 D. B. Taylor Fall 2009 August 24, 2009 TERM PROJECT The purpose of this project is threefold. First, it is designed to give you experience in designing and conducting a real research project. Second, it will give you practice in working with others on research. Third, you will develop your oral and written communication skills. All of the above are vital for your professional development. Note that this project is optional for undergraduate students. Structure and Nature of the Project 1. Time Frame a. A list of potential topics and faculty will be presented in class in early September. b. Groups formed and final topic in the form of an abbreviated proposal (problem statement; justification; data source) turned in 10/05/09—turn them in sooner if you are ready! 1-2 pages. c. October 12-16 schedule a one-hour meeting of your group with me to discuss your preliminary ideas and plans for data collection. d. October 26-30 schedule a meeting of your group with me to discuss your progress, basic structure of the model and data collection sources. One-hour for you to tell me where you are and where you are going with your research. e. November 16-20 schedule another one-hour group meeting for you to talk about final model structure, and work out any problems you are having. You should have at least a preliminary version of the model operational at this point. f. In-class group reports December 7 – December 9 adjusted as appropriate based on class and group size. 2. Nature of the Project The only way to really learn about mathematical programming is to do it. The most is learned when you “do it” through the evaluation of a real world situation. Therefore, I want you to evaluate a real world problem in firm management; economics; agricultural, agribusiness, or resource economics, rural development; forest economics; wildlife management; and so forth. In other words, any problem that is suitable to analysis via mathematical programming or other operations research techniques can be used for your class project. 1
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I am starting you on the project early because I expect you to gather a lot of information during the semester so that you can realistically address your problem. Extension personnel in this department, in other departments at Virginia Tech and in the field (see attached list provided) are all likely sources of information if you work on an agricultural problem. You may need to contact individuals at other institutions or businesses. In order to facilitate your research, I will make my telephone available to you (for this class research only) since letters are too slow. Use my phone any time you need to. By the time you are through, I expect you to be an expert on your topic. I am soliciting potential research topics from the faculty. If you choose one of those topics, I expect you to work some with the faculty member who suggested it, especially to assure that you have developed a realistic model. If you want to address a topic not suggested by the faculty, feel free to do so, but I would suggest you get a faculty member interested in working with you on it.
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