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hw1_p5406_s03 - 2 JDJ 4-2 part a Don’t worry about energy...

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HW 1 Phys5406 S03 due 1/23/03 1a) For a pure electric dipole, show that the quadrupole term vanishes. 1b) For the charge densities shown in (a) and (b) of JDJ 4-1, find the dipole moment and all the quadrupole terms (ie Q xx ). For part b get the complete potential in the xy plane from Coulomb’s law. For points far from the origin compare the full potential with the approximate one up to and including the quadrupole term.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) JDJ 4-2 part a. Don’t worry about energy term for now. 3) Use the charge density of JDJ chapter 4-7 and obtain the charge, dipole, and quadrupole moment terms (as 1b). 4) JDJ chapter 4-10. 5) Use the geometry of JDJ 4-13, neglect edge e±ects, and calculate the capacitance in terms of the constant susceptibility, χ . 1...
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