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hw2_p5406_s02 - μ ± and fill the space where x> and...

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HW 2 Phys5406 S02 due Feb. 7,02 1) A right circular cylinder of radius R and length L has constant magnetization M directed along its axis. What is the magnetic field at r , far from the origin at the cylinder center? 2) A conducting sphere of radius R has a uniform surface charge density σ . The sphere rotates about a diameter with constant angular velocity ω . What is the magnetic moment? 3) All space is filled with two conducting magnetic materials. Each carries the same uniform current density J e z . The materials have permeabilities
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Unformatted text preview: μ ± and fill the space where x > and x < 0, respectively. Find the fields B, H, M . 4) A long right circular cylindrical conductor of radius R has a total charge Q. It is sur-rounded by two long dielectric cylindrical shells. One has inner radius R, outer radius R’, and dielectric constant K. The other has inner radius R’, outer radius R”, and dielectric constant K’. Find the fields D, E, P in each dielectric and outside of the shells. 1...
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