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hw3_p5406_s02 - outer radius R’ Find the E inside the...

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HW 3 Phys5406 S02 due Feb. 21,02 1) A right circular cylinder of radius R and infinite length has constant permeability μ . The cylinder is placed in a constant magnetic field B directed perpendicular to the cylinder axis. Find the resulting B , at arbitary points inside and outside the cylinder. 2) A point electric dipole p is placed at the center of a spherical shell of inner radius R and
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Unformatted text preview: outer radius R’. Find the E inside the shell, within the shell, and outside the shell for the cases that the shell is a conductor and the shell is a dielectric of permitivity ± . 3) For the rectangular box problem worked in class, find the surface charge density on each inner face and find the total charge on the inner faces of the box. 1...
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