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Unformatted text preview: HW 3 Phys5406 S06 due 2/9/06 IA „here w—s dis™ussion in ™l—ss —˜outD g2 a ZI I H @ HA dz G r; r ; @IA removing the depen™e of g2 on ˜oth z9 —nd zF „o see this do tht PEIU@—A —nd PEIU@™AF ‰ou ™—n do @™A without solving p—rt @˜A ˜y notingD @ a <=>AD —nd a ln‘2 C H2 PH ™os@ HA“; @PA a ln‘2 C 2 P>< ™os@ HA“; > < @QA a ln‘@2 A@I C 2 P ™os@ HAA“: > g2 @RA ‰ou ™omplete the rest of the stepsF PA…se the solution found in ™l—ss for the potenti—lD ¨@rAD inside — ™ondu™ting ˜ox of sides @—D˜D™A in the @xDyDzA dire™tions when —ll sides —re grounded ex™ept for the side —t z a ™ th—t is m—int—ined —t potenti—l †@xDyAF sn this pro˜lem we will t—ke †@xDyA a †D ™onst—ntD so th—t no integr—l rem—ins in the expression for ¨@rA F pind the potenti—l —t —ny point inside the ˜ox —nd show th—t the tot—l ™h—rge on the inside surf—™es of the ˜ox —dd to zeroF QA ‡h—t is the potenti—l in the ™—se where you h—ve the s—me ˜ound—ry ™onditions —s pro˜lem PD however now the lower h—lf of the ˜ox @H z c=PA is lled with — diele™tri™ liquid of permitivity F …se v—€l—™e9s equ—tion —nd the ˜ound—ry ™onditions to get the potenti—l —nywhere inside the ˜oxF ‰ou9ll h—ve to —ssume sep—r—te solutions for z c=P —nd c=P z F row would your solution ™h—nge if the liquid w—sn9t isotropi™ —nd homegeneousD ˜ut inste—d Di a iEiD where iaxDyDz —nd the three i —re dierent ™onst—ntsF I ...
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