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HW 4 Phys5405 f06 due Sept. 21 1) pistols are placed at Z= ± 0 . 2 m so that they can be fired in the X direction. The barrel of the pistols ends at X=0. A meter stick at X= δ , where δ << 1 m moves in the positive Z diection with speed V 0 = 0 . 9 c . When the center of the meter stick is at Z=0 the guns are fired. Does an observer in the rest frame of the pistols expect two holes in the stick when
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Unformatted text preview: it comes to rest? If so, how far appart will they be? According to an observer moving with the meter stick will there be two holes? If yes, how far apart will they be? How does this observer explain these facts? 2) JDJ chapter 11 problem 5 3) JDJ chapter 11 problem 6 4) JDJ chapter 11 problem 7 5) JDJ chapter 11 problem 8a 1...
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