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hw5_p5405_f02 - 3 JDJ 11-19 parts b and c Part a was done...

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HW5 Phys5405 f02 due 10/15/02 1) JDJ 11-6 (Why must the calculation be carried out in terms of the Earth observer’s variables? You may use the results of JDJ 11-5) 2) JDJ 11-8 (The last term occurs because n = n ( ω ) and the frequency in the moving liquid frame is diFerent from that in the lab frame due to the Doppler eFect.)
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Unformatted text preview: 3) JDJ 11-19 parts b) and c). Part a) was done in class. 4) JDJ 11-21 do part a) and the first decay of part b) 5) JDJ 11-24 part a) and part c). Part b) was done in class. 1...
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