hw5_p5405_f04 - HW 5 Phys5405 f04 due Oct. 7, 2004 1) JDJ...

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Unformatted text preview: HW 5 Phys5405 f04 due Oct. 7, 2004 1) JDJ 11-21 do part a) and the first and last decays of part b) 2) JDJ 11-23. 3) JDJ 1-6 Also for part (a) obtain the force on a point charge Q between the plates and at rest with respect to the plates in the reference frame in which a) the plates are at rest, b) moving with speed V perpendicular to the plane of the plates, and c) moving with speed V parallel to the plane of the plates. Give a physical reason why the answer to c) is different. 1 ...
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