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hw5_p5406_s02 - → 0 and ii b → ∞ and solve the...

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HW 5 Phys5406 S02 due Apr. 4,02 1) JDJ 3-1, solve this using the Green’s function in spherical coordinates. 2) There are two grounded spherical surfaces of radii a and b with a < b. At r = d e z , a d b, there is a point charge q. Using the Green’s function in spherical coordinates find the potential in the region between the two spheres for r < d and r > d. How many image charges are required. Specialize to the cases i) a
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Unformatted text preview: → 0 and ii) b → ∞ and solve the problems of the potential i) inside b when there is a point charge inside b and ii) outside a when there is a point charge outside a. 3) JDJ 4-13 4) JDJ 5-21 If this result is true how do you explain the fact that two permanent magnets exert forces on each other? 1...
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