hw5_p5406_s03 - HW 5 Phys5406 S03 due 3/11/03 1) JDJ 2.2. I...

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Unformatted text preview: HW 5 Phys5406 S03 due 3/11/03 1) JDJ 2.2. I would like you to find the Green’s function for this case and explicitely do part d using the Green’s function. Does the answer match your physical expectations? 2) JDJ 2.8. Hint you can write the potential like Φ ∝ (λ/ 0 )ln(ρ+ /ρ− ), where ρ+,− are the distances from the line charges to the field point in say the z=0 plane. If you write ρ+,− in terms of the x,y of the field point, the surfaces of equipotential will be easier to find. 3) JDJ 2.10 parts b and c 1 ...
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