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hw5_p5406_s04 - directly from LaPlace’s equation For...

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HW 5 Phys5406 S03 due 3/25/04 1) In class we found the Green’s function inside a cylindrical volume using, in part, the solution to the cylindrical problem of JDJ. This is a cylinder of radius a and length L. All surfaces are grounded except that at z=L and it is kept at potential V( ρ, φ ). Show 2 G D = - 4 πδ ( r - r ). 2) Solve the problem when the surfaces at z=0 and z=L are at constant potential V and the round surface of the cylinder is grounded. You can use either the Green’s function or
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Unformatted text preview: directly from LaPlace’s equation. For practise, the adventurous can show that both give the same result. 3) Find the potential inside when all surfaces of the above cylinder are grounded and there is a line of charge per unit length λ along the z axis from d/2 to 3d/2, where 3d/2 < L. 1...
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