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hw6_p5405_f05 - and an observer at rest with respect to...

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HW 6 Phys5405 f05 due 10/13/05 1) Do exam problem 1 2) Do exam problem 2 3) Consider an electron of rest energy 0.511 MeV and KE=(rest energy) moving in the Z direction at (x,y,z)=(0,0,0). Consider a second electron at (x,y,z)=(0,0,0.001 m) with KE=T and velocity in the Z direction. Calculate and plot the components of F on the second electron as a function of T from the point of view of an observer at (x,y,z)=(0,0,0)
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Unformatted text preview: and an observer at rest with respect to electron 1. For the range of T use 0-10(rest energy). 4) Repeat problem 3 if the second electron is at (x,y,z)=(0.001 m,0,0). 5) Repeat problem 4 if the first electron was a proton (rest energy = 938 MeV). 1...
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