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HW 6 Phys5406 S05 due 3/17/05 1)Derive the 2D Green’s function for the space between two infinitely long right circular cylinders. The inner cylinder has outer radius a and is kept at potential V(a, φ ). The outer cylinder has inner radius b and is kept at potential V(b, φ ). Find the 2D Green’s function in the space between the cylinders. Let a 0 and obtain the 2D Green’s function interior to b. Let b → ∞ and obtain the 2D Green’s function exterior to a. Finally let a 0 and b → ∞ and find the all space 2D Green’s function. You can use the results from the first
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Unformatted text preview: homework of this semester to write the answers in terms of natural logs. You can also use them to check your answer for the all space part of the problem and you can check your other answers by examining JDJ 2-18 and 2-19 2)Use the Green’s function you found in problem 1 to solve JDJ 2.13. Instead of JDJ’s tan-1 term, you may find it easier to use, with x = ρ /b, 2[ x cos( φ )-x 3 cos(3 φ ) / 3 + x 5 cos(5 φ ) / 5-x 7 cos(7 φ ) / 7 ... ] (1) 1...
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